Chernivtsi 3DTour

On the right bank of the Prut River there is a small city that has a gentle name - Chernivtsi. This city is a regional center and is considered the heart of the territorial and historical Bukovina region.
The experienced tourist would like everything here – starting with the cozy narrow streets, made with paving stones, and ending with the picturesque houses, designed in various architectural styles. Here and there you take a break from the contemplation of the beauty in these small parks, due to the fact that the benches here are almost everywhere.

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 By clicking on the miniature photos provided with hyperlinks to take you to the viewing of Spherical panoramas of Chernivtsi city and Chernivtsi region::

 Malanka in Chernivtsi

The central square of of Chernivtsi. 3D Panorama

Svyato-Dukhov Cathedral in Chernivtsi

Monument to the Liberator Soldier  in Chernivtsi

House-boat in Chernivtsi

Cinema "Chernivtsi"(former synagogue)

The residence of the Metropolitans of Bukovina

University St. in Chernivtsi

Chernivtsi, the view from City Hall

Theatre Square in Chernivtsi. 3D panorama

Olga Kobilyanska St. at night. 3D panorama

Paraskeva Church in Chernivtsi

Stroiteley St. in Chernivtsi. 360° spherical Panorama

Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Turkish well square

Chernivtsi Botanical Garden. 3D panorama

Monastery in Bancheny. 3D panorama

Annyna Gora Convent.360° spherical Panorama

 In Chernivtsi you can feel a special mood, atmosphere, inherent in this city. Here you will feel like home - friendly pedestrians will welcome you and kindly help to get to your destination. Here you can hear conversation in many languages, so do not be afraid to ask for help - you always are welcome. A lot of impressions can be obtained from the ordinary walking around the city.
Churcher here are not like one another, and so are especially beautiful. However, the real architectural treasure of this region is the former residence of the Metropolitans of Bukovina. It’s located in Chernivtsi National University named after Yuri Fedkovych - one of the oldest classical universities in Ukraine.
In 2011, the residence of the Metropolitans of Bukovina included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Walking through the city by excursions is not the only entertainment in Chernivtsi. If you like the unity with nature, then you can go to one of the beaches of the Prut River, or, if it comes to rest in the winter, you should go to the Carpathians to one of the ski resorts.
And for those who decide to stay in the city there are loads of different options to have a rest here. Everything depends on your taste and budget. In order to try the tasty dishes of Bukovyna cuisine you should come to some small cafe or restaurant. Be sure – you’ll be welcomed there, and the service will be extremely polite and unobtrusive. The prices are for all the tastes, but not so high. As for housing, there are plenty of options for living in hotels, for every taste and budget. You can choose luxurious accommodation in the hotel or the small, cozy apartment in the cottage.

Restaurants in Chernivtsi

Hotels in Chernivtsi