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  • Paradise Lodge in Vizhenka "Dream House". 360° spherical Panorama

  • Vizhenka is one of the most amazing places in Bukovina, near the Carpathians.
    The mountains here are so strict, mysterious, enchant and delight at any time with their beautiful landscapes and picturesque places that are richly depicted in the paintings of Hutsul craftsmen. Here you can see the rebellious waters of the rivers Prut and Cheremosh, that constitute the entire waterfalls and even caves. In general, here in Vizhenka you can find a lot of places to see and to wonder.
    The town of Vizhnitsa sometimes is called the "Gate of the Carpathians." This is the place where the river Vizhenka empties into the larger one - Cheremosh river, there is formed the valley, where Vizhnitsa is situated at the foot of the mountains.
    Not far from this small town the resort village of Vizhenka is located. It took its name after the title of one of the mountain streams, where a lot of tourists come to especially in winter.
    The ski slopes in Vizhenka make it so interesting for the tourists. One can wonder that Vizhenka was a famous ski resort before the First World War. But at that time it was at the territory that belonged to Austria.
    It is also worth mentioning that here in Vizhenka there are loads of historical monuments. Residents of this town certainly will tell you a lot of legends about the defense of local mountaineers and their territory from the Tatars, who wanted to occupy this beautiful land. In honor of the victory of highlanders over the Tatars in 1792 the church was built. It’s situated on the place where the famous Battle of Ivanovo took place. This church is special because it was built without any nail.
    Carpathian Vizhenka is located in the valley of river Vizhenka, which is a powerful river, starting with a small mountain stream. In pure and clear waters of Vizhenka there is a lot of fish, especially trout.
    Active rest in Vizhenka is not only pleasant, it can be useful and even healing. You also would know that in this village there are life-giving mineral springs.