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Weekend in Vinnitsa
Vinnitsa is a regional centre in Ukraine, which is situated on the banks of the river Southern Buh. Such rivers as the Vinnichka, Vishenka and Tyazhylovka also flow through the city.
Among the sights of Vinnitsa should first of all be highlighted Jesuit monastery founded in 1363. The monks began the construction of a Church, Collegium and Dormitory in 1610, which were surrounded by high walls with towers at the corners, like a fortress. It is remarkable, that these walls are the only fortification preserved in Vinnitsa. However, the condition o this place is not so good, even overgrown by bushes. As for the Church, it was not touched with the hand of the restorer, so now it is closed and stores the documents of regional archive. Next to the building of the Jesuit Church there is a Museum of local lore, where visitors can see a skeleton of real mammoth.
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