3d Ukraine - site of spherical panoramas

Ukraine 3D is the site where you can view some spherical panoramas done on 3d technology. These panoramas represent different Ukrainian cities. The main purpose of our website is to help you to plan your best vacation in Ukraine.

On the pages of the website Ukraine 3D you will find a detailed description of the attractions, restaurants, hotels, tourist complexes and cinemas. All webpages are accompanied by spherical panoramas.

The viewing of 3D panorama you can make a virtual journey to the places you are interested in, you can visit some building and to see how the look inside and out, and select that will suit you the best. Also you are able to call for booking room in hotel, to make a reservation in restaurant, to order the banquet or book some tickets at the cinema in advance.

Our website offers news about 3D technology, which will help you keep the track of the latest developments in the this area. You can read about new products with the use of 3D technology and watch movie trailers of new films shot in 3D.


 - Project Coordinator - Thomas Sorinso -