Booking in Yalta

 One of the most popular resorts on the South coast of Crimea is the city of Yalta. Its name on one of versions, the city received from the Greek word «yalos» that means «coast». Yalta is well known by the name of the capital of the southern coast of the Crimea. It’s easy to get to Yalta, because it is located in 85 km from Simferopol, 40 kilometres South-West from Alushta and it takes 80 kilometers to get to Yalta from Simferopol. Conditions for rest in Yalta are very favorable, and there is always warm here, because the city is protected by a mountain range in the North and North-West.
Yalta boasts a diverse population, because in addition to Ukrainians here live Russians and Crimean Tatars as well. Yalta is an administrative center of the resort, in the region of Greater Yalta included such settlements as Simeiz, Massandra, Alupka, Foros, Gaspra, Koreiz, Gurzuf, Livadia and many others.
Yalta can be interesting for tourists not only because of travel opportunities. Here there is a wonderful combination of mountain landscape and unique monuments of architecture. In Yalta you can find amazing buildings, which belong to the boundary of XIX - XX centuries. In his time in Yalta was the favorite place for the rest and entertainment of Russian aristocrats, who founded here their estates, which are now known under the names of Livadia and Oreanda.
In Yalta there is something to see, and special attention you can pay to the embankment, the length of which is several kilometers. Guests can relax in local restaurants, cafes or bars that are located here in Yalta at almost every step. You will be offered by the most delicious dishes of national cuisine, as well as cuisines from different countries of Europe, Far East and much more. However, if you love nature, you can always go for a walk in the shade of palm trees. In every corner of Yalta you can find souvenir shops, local artists will offere to paint your portrait or caricature.
Separately worth noting is the wellness vacation in Yalta, because there are many health centers, hospitals and other Spa facilities. The restoration of health contributes to the favorable climate in a complex with exclusive medical base.
If you intend to rest and have fun, that in Yalta you can have it all. There are hotels, recreation houses, tourist centers and boarding houses with different number of stars. It is noteworthy that even in the season of summer holidays in Yalta there is always an opportunity to book a room or rent a cottage for rest.