The city of Kalush is located in Ivano-Frankivsk region in a cosy and extremely beautiful area of the Carpathians. Kalush is popular due to its favorable geographical location, because the railway, automobile and air routes go through this city and take to the Central Europe and the West. From Kalush you can directly get to Lviv, Uzhgorod and Kyiv. Also you can get to Kalush and by the train. Kalush is located in close proximity to the borders with Poland, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia, therefore, from here you can easy get caught to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. And travel abroad by plane is also possible, because the Ivano-Frankivsk airport is only 30 km from Kalush.

Kalush has a predominantly flat terrain, and the tenth part of the city is forest territory. Also there are such rivers in the city such as Sivka, Lymnytsya and Mlynivka.

The climate in Kalush belongs to the moderate-continental type. Summer is humid and cool and the winter here is mild, with moderate temperatures. The main influences on the climate in Kalush have air masses, which are moving from the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Precisely due to these factors in winter the air temperature sharply reduced to -20 degrees, and in summer it can rise to the level of +20... +35. Most of the precipitation falls during the warm period, and the climate is also under the impact of the Carpathian Mountains.Kalush is a city of regional value, and it is not divided for districts. The first mention of the town in the history dates back to 1437 year, and here live intelligent, talented and hard-working people, who honor their traditions and make the history of Kalush every day.