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Ternopil is one of the most famous cities in western part of Ukraine, which is the administrative center of Ternopil region. The river Seret crosses the city of Ternopil.
The first mention of this city dates back to 1540 year. And this is connected with historical events, when the Polish King and Grand Duke of Lithuania Sigismund I of Poland gave the document about the possession of the lands to Ukrainian hetman Jan Tarnavsky. Because of this fact the city was originally called Tarnopol – in honor to the hetman. In 1944 the city received its present name, that is used to this very day.
Ternopil is also known thanks to surrounding villages of Petrikov, Veliky Glibochok and Stupki where the settlements of primitive people were found.
In place of the modern city there was formerly the old Ukrainian stronghold named Sopilche. This fortification was destroyed by an army of Batu Khan, when he made his trip to the Carpathians. Then that region that is Galicia - was seized by Poland.
In 1540, the place where previously there were Sopilche, builders began to construct a majestic castle, that gave the birth to the whole city by the name of Ternopil. The castle has survived many disasters such as fires and destructions during his historical period. Only in the early 19th century castle was transformed into a palace under orders of Count Koritovsky. Fortifications around the castle were demolished, and the gates and towers were removed as well. The ordinary wall was built around the palace.
Different wars passed through the city, but despite of this fact Ternopil managed to keep the wonderful monuments of old architecture, culture and history. At one time these houses were extremely fashionable - they have different features of the mod architecture with elements of eclecticism. In the central part of Ternopil there are characteristic buildings, which can make the full image of the old city’s architecture.
Interestingly, only two cities in central Europe have the lake in. And one of these cities is Ternopil. Town Lake, also known as Komsomol Lake before 1992, gathers tourists at every season since it was built in 1951. The total area of the main attractions of Ternopil is 300 hectares.